A train trip in Ireland: Waterford – Dublin

I was on a trip to Ireland a few months ago and of course I had to do a few train trips. One of them was from Waterford to Dublin:


The experience didn`t start well , because I was trying to book a ticket on the Irish Railway`s website, but I had to give up. I found a ticket for 15 euros, but everytime I tried to actually book I got caught in some kind of loop. So I had to buy the ticket at the station for double price! Annoying!


The train itself was quite alright and comfortable, one of the modern trains that I have seen a lot in Ireland. Waterford station is close to the city centre, just on the other side of the river, so you have nice views as the train leaves the station.


And just outside the station some of the old intercity train carriages is parked. I can remember riding on those, but that must be at least ten years ago. I wonder what they use those for now?


That said, this view from the train is mostly farmland and a few towns and roads. Maybe not the most scenic of railway trips, but a nice way to travel, better than the bus!


At least there is a trolley service on board, serving coffee and snacks. And As you can see this service was quite busy, and filled up closer to Dublin.


At Kilkenny station the train has to do a reversal, but there is a bypass and a few trains use that and saves 10 minutes travel time. Most trains, however, do the time consuming reversal because Kilkenny is the most important stop on the line, except for Dublin and Waterford of course. In the old days the trains went straight through Kilkenny, but many lines have been cut in Ireland.


There is a connection about every two hours and the train ride itself is about two hours. The speed is quite slow, and the entire line is single track and unelectrified. Of course when we reach the join the main line from Cork a few km outside Dublin it goes faster. Strangely the only station on the line that has gates is Dublin Heuston, and there was an additional ticket inspection at the station, That was annoying, so the trip started and ended with some annoyance….

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